Nominate us, damn it!

…perché “Garum Fabbrica”?! Riproponete la ‘prelibatezza’ degli antichi romani o cosa?! 😉

The Garum Factory


Okay, it’s not only that time of the the year again, it’s the end of that time of year – the very small window of time when Saveur assembles its collection of nominees for best food blogs of 2015.   We think they keep the nominating time short just to see who’s paying attention and who’s sleeping at the wheel.  And because they’ve got better things to do than sift through 5 million blog nominations.

Did you like our post about Poached Pears with Roquefort Ice Cream?  How about those detailed instructions on making preserved lemons?  Do like all these recipes developed by Jody or (let’s face it, the real reason you come to The Garum Factory) all those groovy shots of stuff being poured or sprinkled or stirred?   Do you think that stuff happens by magic?  ususWhat about those visual tours of scary exotic locales…

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